Official Website relaunch post!

Finally, after hours of editing and building content, I am finally ready to present the world with my official Blog and website! I am very excited to start sharing my life story with the world!

To start things off I want to publish this first post with a goal in mind. What is this goal?

The goal is to inspire.

I have recently made an incredible decision in my life. I decided that I will no longer live the life that I DO NOT want to live. I have decided to take the world by storm and attack with full force and confidence. I refuse to waste another minute of my life following the status quo. I refuse to work another job that is not me just for a paycheck. I refuse to believe that I need to care and focus on the illusion that is financial stability WITHOUT SATISFACTION OR HAPPINESS. I refuse to waste any opportunity for me to do what means the most to me and my happiness. Now, some of you are probably wondering what that means exactly.

It means that I have quit all of my jobs. I have become a newly single man. I have weighed all of my options and come to the conclusion that THE TIME IS NOW. Yes, this decision comes with its downfalls. Such as, no support, no money, no food, and no time to waste with friends and family. Its going to be rough. Its going to be stressful. However, my gut has never lied. My gut has never steered me in the wrong direction. I see thousands of people standing in front of me. Whether it be Djing, teaching, speaking, learning, guiding, or just supporting someone with similar interests.

I will be seen. I will be heard. I WILL BE NOTICED. I will change lives! I will use the my experience to both inform and educate. Through words both typed and spoken. Sounds both designed and performed. Through LOVE both given and received. Most importantly, Through my eyes and experiences into your own eyes and experiences.

I will take this world by force and you all have a front row seat to the experience that is my journey to greatness!

Share and Enjoy! #inspire #theDrugEmotion

Brett Tierney ( The Drug Emotion)

Quick little FYI. All other socials still in process of content building. Stay tuned for updates on all social media sites through the links on my pages!

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